“Our goal, your next destination”

In Aeromarket we are a company dedicated to the personalized tourist service, covering all the branches of the field for more than a decade.

Since the beginning of our activity, we have capitalized on the suitability, experience, initiative and high commitment of our staff to achieve the maximum efficiency of our service. Our goal is to provide our customers with a fully customized service that meets their wishes and needs.

From the trip of your dreams, to a business trip, we want to be your support and reference in the whole experience, so that you simply enjoying it.


Our corporate department has the best training and technology to attend and accompany your business trip with great professionalism, no matter what your challenge, we will work together to achieve your maximum benefit while always maintaining a high level of services.

We are representatives of Reed & Mackay in Uruguay, a Travel Network based in London.

We are part of an important global strategic alliance specializing in corporate travel sharing our work bases, where the exceptional service comes from the attention to small details, always with great adaptability to the dynamism of the business and building programs that give it a value fundamental aggregate.